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Why Unsilo.me?

If you want simple integration, focus, productivity and to grow your business then Unsilo.me is your solution. An empowering platform that enables individuals or businesses to achieve activities that are required. Start using the platform today as a Freelancer, as a Startup or SME and it will support you as you scale up your business. Unsilo.me brings about simplicity and a focus on core business activities. Efficiently manage leads, sales, ongoing tasks, employees and drive internal collaboration. The platform is cloud based and is very cost effective, no need for multiple subscription fees, multiple accounts or multiple logins. We offer one solution that you can use as an individual and scale up as your business grows. And yes it is able to integrate with some of your existing products if you want because silos really aren’t what we believe in! Give it a try now and sign up for our beta launch, you will get a 14 day FREE trail and we would love feedback on the platform.


The only truly all-in-one solution that incorporates core business processes into one ecosystem. Breaking down silo's and ensuring that the whole team is aware of sales, marketing, project, people and ongoing company related events.


Using multiple SaaS based solutions can become fairly expense. Unsilo.me offers one cost effective price instead of many monthly or yearly subscription costs. Because we offer the core elements of what your business needs to be effective you get more value as you only pay for one unified solution.


You no longer need to have multiple SaaS subscriptions. With Unsilo.me you have one unified platform that includes all the specialised features you could need to make sure your business is a success. One username and one password, not multiple accounts to remember.


You can sign in to Unsilo.me from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a freelancer in a co-working space or a company that all works from one office this platform is for you. Always on and mobile responsive this is a cloud based solution for your convenience, just sign up and we'll take care of the rest.


Unsilo.me is the only platform that is designed for scalability for the user. Sign up as an individual to manage your leads and ongoing tasks and if you do scale up into a company Unsilo.me will cater for this, allowing you to still use the platform seamlessly. As you grow so does the platform!


Unsilome offers integration to other solutions that you may already have or would like to use. In time we hope to continue to offer integration with more and more products.



All businesses want to make sure that their employees are productive and that they feel that their time and efforts are being well managed. Unsilo.me has a built in People (HRMS) module that ensures that you can manage your employees efficiently. This module allows for effective on boarding, the creation of individual profiles, storage of company documents, creation of staff directories, ongoing leave management, pay slip integration and much more.

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Built in sales (CRM) module. This module is used to manage all your prospects, contacts, leads and move towards securing more sales for your business. This is a powerful solution for any business or individual looking to generate additional leads and convert them into growth driving deals.

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Once companies or individuals secure work, they need to have an efficient way of managing their time and tasks so that they can deliver exceptional work for their clients. Unsilo.me has a built in Work (project management) module that allows you to manage all projects and tasks. This is fully integrated with the sales module so that any deals won can seamlessly be reflected in the work module so that clients work can be well managed. There is no longer a need for two separate platforms, Unsilo.me takes care of them both.

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Use one dashboard that shows you just what you need to know. The Unsilo.me dashboard reflects the most important information you need to know in realtime from all parts of the platform. Have your finger on the pulse of your business and every aspect of it at all times.


At a glance you are able to see how your website is performing by reviewing custom reports. If you have a website, seamlessly integrate your Google Analytics into the analytics module and view all your key metrics.


Conversations within the platform can be held at an individual, group or project level. Unsilo.me creates an easy to use chat experience that allows you to effectively communicate with your team to sure transparency and consistency.

For any companies larger than 200 employees please speak to us.