As a business over time we have used SaaS applications that have been considered best-of-breed to help support our clients and our own internal business process. As a young company we needed to drive new leads, sales, manage projects and collaborate as a team.

Before we knew it we were already using numerous SaaS applications, each with their own monthly fee. Each application was built by different companies and each had their own unique value proposition. We found that in general there are three types of SaaS based value propositions. Products that help to increase revenue, products that help to reduce cost and products that enhance productivity.

Software that helps increase revenue is the most common proposition, whether for a startup or an established business, growing revenue increases the value of any business and often becomes more significant than cost reduction. Software products that help to reduce cost are of value and can help to enable companies to gain extra margins or more indirect added value as a result for customers. Software as a productivity enhancer is the most difficult to evaluate and measure but they certainly can add value to companies and there are many out there that claim to add value to the bottom line as well. The crux of it is that products for freelancers, startups, SME’s and even some established businesses seem to be defunct. The tools that are out there work in isolation and for SME’s they don’t offer the solution that is really required.The reality is that companies don’t need to choose products on the basis of these propositions in isolation, although they have been. Why should companies, whether new or established, have to select from multiple products?

We have decided to fix this problem by creating a product that breaks through this siloed approach. offers a complete, simple and consistent experience for any user. Drive new sales, market your business, reduce cost and boost productivity, but do it in one place. Instead of having to switch between multiple applications, logins and user experiences, using a solution that has all of these requirements in one. Rather than paying for numerous subscription fees, save cost by paying for only one that has more features and functionality. Don’t worry about data storage across multiple applications, when you can have all of your data within one solution.

So we have decided to change the game and offer with a value proposition that tickets all the boxes. It helps businesses to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve productivity. Because that is really what companies need, when one product will do all this why look anywhere else?