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As a result of building various digital solutions and consulting to companies about digital transformation the team kept hearing the same thing...our software is too complex, not brand aligned and not integrated well enough, why can’t we just have our own system all in one place?

At the time the yreeka.com team were using various apps to manage their business and it became very clear that a better solution was needed. Frustrated with the lack of viable options in the market the team decided to build one. No longer would there be a need to sign up to multiple monthly subscriptions, forget your passwords, have business data live across different apps, accept varying user experiences, recapture data from one app to the next and settle for an approach that didn’t really meet your business requirements.

An all-in-one approach to business that keeps it simple and breaks down a siloed approach to using tech in your business.

One subscription

Save money by subscribing to one solution, without having to subscribe and pay for multiple subscriptions.

Single user experience

It doesn't matter if you are using the solution to gather new leads, manage existing clients, get your projects done in time or to collaborate as a team. You can do it all from the same solution.


Why not utilise other solutions or products that you like? Rather let us help you integrate the experience into unsilo.me.

Brand align

Want your version of unsilo.me to look like your company colours? No problem speak to us and we will customise the solution to suit your brand.

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