SMEs tend to compete at an automatic disadvantage. They have fewer resources at their disposal and more to lose should anything not go according to plan. This makes project management uniquely challenging. Fewer resources and less room for error means you need a project management technique that is agile enough to withstand curveballs yet robust enough to still meet the requirements of a variety of projects and processes. It may sound like a tall order, but it’s far from unattainable.

With online project management, no project is ever too intimidating for your small business.

How online project management functions as a growth factor

Think of your business as a busy train station – trains come and go at different times throughout the day. They’re always on schedule, trackable and fully operational. Now imagine the same train station with no schedule, no directory and no conductors. Trains go missing, some are delayed and others break down mid-commute.

Online project management represents the strict behind-the-scenes plans and protocols that passengers hardly ever see. It quietly and intelligently grows your business by providing detailed visibility of all your operations and ensuring that all projects start on time, on budget and are completed within the allotted time parameters without straining resources.

How online project management boosts productivity

Online project management has the potential to integrate seamlessly with digital platforms that your business is already using. This level of systems integration eases collaboration between coworkers with a centralised system in which all projects are tracked and monitored.

Real-time collaboration means duplicate work is eliminated and the flow of work is optimised. Online project management helps you to understand the capacity of your workforce and structure your projects accordingly. When your team gets exactly the tasks they’re meant to be working on when they’re meant to be working on them, they’ll produce high-quality work much faster.

How online project management delights clients

An agile online management solution will allow you to commit to and deliver on practical deadlines. When your system responds in real-time to unexpected events, you avoid the all-too-common error of overpromising and under-delivering. Your clients’ expectations are always managed and their expectations are always met, perhaps even exceeded.

Client information is captured and indexed along with all the other critical components of the project. From end to end, the client feels in the loop and your team feels in control at every phase until completion.

Compete with confidence with project management software

For your business to grow, it needs to systemise its approach to project management. Predictability and visibility are essential for successful projects and the easiest way to achieve them is with online project management software. is the growth-driven solution that your business needs to execute every element with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Clients – Manage all clients’ information and timelines through one intuitive portal.
  • Projects – Create and adjust holistic projects with detailed task lists in a matter of clicks.
  • Task management – Once projects are created, tasks can be added with specific time- and resource-based deliverables.
  • Milestones – Track your progress with realistic and reachable milestones throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Collaboration – Harmonise your team with one central hub where employees can contribute to tasks in real time with no version conflicts and no duplicate work.
  • Time-tracking – Account for every second spent on project and gain valuable insights that can be used for process optimisation and accurate costing.
  • Reporting – Gain powerful and usable analytics with’s project report function which keeps track of inconsistencies and areas of improvement within the whole scope of a project.

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