Unsilo.me is a cloud-based platform built to empower businesses by driving integration between core processes and tools, all in one platform. A unifying solution that intuitively integrates CRM, project management, human resource management, communication and data analytics functions.

The business platforms of the future are likely to start to resemble a full suite of well integrated cloud-based business apps that empower better integration between business processes, this is what the team building Unsilo.me believes. A team based in Durban, South Africa, the company Yreeka, known for digital consulting and product management, is building a platform to break down ‘silos’ and solve a real frustration that they were experiencing. One day the team realised that they were unhappy with having to leverage multiple applications in order to manage their business processes, as Mathew Haswell, the MD and co-founder, recalls:

As a small team we realised that we were having to subscribe to different CRM, project management, human resource management, collaboration and data analytic tools, which felt like a ‘siloed’ approach. Data living across numerous apps that didn’t flow or integrate as well as it could, having to pay multiple subscription costs, working with user experiences that differed and having to remember so many logins just wasn’t on!

The team soon realised that there were other startups, SMEs, larger businesses and even freelancers who were experiencing the similar frustrations. Yet, there just weren’t any solutions good enough to offer what they needed. So, the team decided to design and build an integrated platform that unified all of the functionality and features that each of these individual apps offered.

“By solving this frustration Unsilo.me aims at providing users with an all-in-one solution that has been intuitively designed to empower users to efficiently manage and scale their businesses. One subscription cost, one login, one user experience, full integration and flow between core functional areas and data residing in one place,” Haswell said.

Unsilo.me is currently in production and the team are asking anyone who is interested in the product to sign up for early access to receive a 14-day free trial when it launches.

Original article: http://bit.ly/2Dh55Qd