A business is nothing more than a collection of processes that feed into each other and seamlessly work together. A theory that, on paper, seems significantly more viable than it does in practice. Despite the benefits of integrated Project Management (PM), there are still many businesses battling to manage projects effectively and without scores of scribbled paperwork. This can usually be attributed to one of two things: a resistance to change or a lack of communication.

Regardless of the reason, what are the implications for businesses still clinging to their outdated spreadsheets?

Integrated vs traditional

When there is a lack of effective communication within an organisation, individuals tend to hold on to their knowledge either about project management or the project itself, or the progress of the project is hindered in some way.

Online PM not only offers companies a central, easily-accessible database with greater document control, it also provides the advantage of standardised business functions and streamlined collaboration. Furthermore, integrated PM correlates project data with accounting data, creating unparalleled opportunities for the seamless conversion of leads and deals into ongoing projects. Ultimately, integration provides business owners with the ideal opportunity to make use of data from all departments to drive productivity as well as business growth.

Intuitive flow between CRM and PM

Unsilo.me offers a comprehensive platform that allows for the integration of Project Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, and even Human Resource management. What sets this world-class platform apart from the rest is that it eliminates the need for separate platforms for separate modules such as sales and CRM.

The platform integrates these two modules as well as other core business functions and apps your organisation may already be using. This integration is beneficial in the following ways:

Converting leads and deals

  • Any leads or deals can be effortlessly converted from sales into ongoing projects. Once this has taken place, anyone can keep track of the project and its progress from initiation to execution.

Increasing productivity

  • Because the PM module of Unsilo.me gives a more accurate presentation of projects, all relevant individuals know exactly what task they should be executing at any point in time. In addition, documents and progress can be seen by project managers, making it easier to identify and resolve bottlenecks or reduce time wastage to ensure a consistent work output.

Transparency and customer relations

  • Because the entire business is able to collaborate on projects, customer needs and project requirements are visible to all parties. This means different departments can better understand their unique deliverables and the company as a whole can better tend to their client’s needs.

Customer retention

  • From lead conversion and project initiation to completion, employees are able to continuously monitor the progress and quality of deliverables. This means your business is able to flow seamlessly from sales to actual output, delivering on all client requirements. Furthermore, sales staff are empowered with access to data that allows them to improve services and offer additional products or services where a need has been identified.

It can be a challenge to find the right solutions and tools to complement your business. Many times, you need to see the drastic difference something makes before you’re convinced. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that intuitively manages the transition from sales to projects or intuitively supervises tasks, sign up for early access to the Unsilo.me platform.