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Every business knows that in order to succeed, work has to be delivered timeously and effectively, in order to satisfy initial customers and reciprocate repeat customers. Unsilo.me has recognised that businesses undoubtably juggle a number of tasks, in order to manage external and internal expectations. This is why an integrated project management tool has been built into the platform to allow users to strategically plan and execute tasks and projects by setting dates, milestones and critical paths in order to deliver a service at its prime.

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Managing tasks and timelines are specific to client expectations. Unsilo.me have seen the value of managing client information as well as expectations through one cohesive system whilst ensuring that projects get completed. Thus, the client information used through sales, can be continually managed through related tasks and projects.


Unsilo.me knows that at the core of every success is a well timed piece of work. The project module allows for each user to have the ability to create projects to which various users can be assigned to ensure the project plan is executed in accordance with the relevant deadline. Projects categorise a list of tasks assigned to users in order to deliver work successfully.



Task management is a simple breakdown of a projects deliverables in order to deliver work accordingly. Each project has the ability for the user to set tasks or specific actionables and can view these in a list or column view. Unsilo.me has streamlined and simplified the way tasks are viewed and managed so each user can clearly see what needs to be actioned.


Project milestones are overarching tasks with zero duration that are critical to a project by signifying various achievements. Milestones are used as a way of showing forward movement and progress which helps with useful communication and setting expectations among project teams. Unsilo.me knows the importance of these and how to help you manage these accordingly.



Project completions require various people to attend to various components in order to deliver a whole. Unsilo.me thrives on integration and collaboration and thus has given users the ability to be added as project followers or task contributors to streamline the process of completing work. Collaboration is the key to providing holistic business performance.


Unsilo.me identified the importance of both accountability and productivity, thus creating the project report function within this module. Reports allow admin users to track timings within projects to be able to access the status, progress and inconsistencies throughout the project. This level of accountability helps for present and future scoping and management of projects.