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Customers are invaluable to any organisation, big or small. Customers are the reason we are in business and the heartbeat to why we do what we do. Customer relationships are the most important, when cultivated and understood, allow for sustained success. Unsilo.me understands the importance of collecting and organizing actionable data around consumers and thus have created an integrated CRM tool which highlights the necessities of this function. Thus enhancing information organisation , communication and actionable tasks to ensure customer service is at its prime.

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Unsilo.me has created the ability for the platform to scrape form submissions from any web form that a business uses, storing this information in the system. This information is then subject to a users ability to enhance and sync with email providers. This functions is also displayed within the dashboard for accurate tracking.


Contact management is vital in terms of adding and storing the relevant information pertaining to specific potential leads. Unsilo.me have given the user the ability to add contacts manually as well. Users have the ability to edit and search for contacts filtered per category, or an overall listview ensuring accurate contact management.



This function within the platform is critical in terms of how deals are managed from start to finish. The platform allows for the user to create deals manually, track and dynamically move deals during different stages and access company information through each deal. This function is crucial for organisations to track and execute based on timelines set and provided.


A sales pipeline is considered to be a systemised approach to selling which has clearly defined steps which look to estimate upcoming revenue and sales that the business is going to close. This gives the user an indication of the win percentage on each sale, where in the process a sale is proving income projections that the user can track and manage.



Unsilo.me recognise that sales is the livelihood of every company. Sales forecasting allows for income projections based on the present business, customer acquisition assumptions and your product and service offerings. Sales forecasting allows the user to identify strengths and weaknesses allowing for adjustments and enhancements to win loss percentages.


The importance of reporting is invaluable for any business and Unsilo.me has identify that reporting allows for businesses to identify who customers are, where leads are coming from, what is prompting and what is hindering conversions as well as win and loss rates. Users have the ability to generate these reports in order to enhance and adjust strategies and sales.