Business Resource Tool has been built to transform the way you work and eliminate the need to create silos by working inefficiently across numerous digital products. But we also believe that silos can be broken down by driving well considered integration between solutions. We were doing research into some other tools to see how we could integrate these into for you and in the process we ended up with a curated list of useful resources. So rather than keeping it to ourselves we thought we'd share the love!


Ok so we know you'll agree that is the perfect solution for any freelancer, digital nomad or individual consultant, why would you need anything else right? But we also know that as an individual most times the solutions out there are often too complicated or just don't cater for your budget. So we decided to pay it forward and curate a list of some other super useful free tools that compliment, enjoy!




Lets face it is probably the only solution you will ever need...but starting a business can take up a lot of your valuable time and at we believe in working smarter. So to help you we have developed a curated list of other complementary tools that could also help you as you kickstart your journey of creating something incredible!




Business is all about working smarter and streamlining your business's digital transformation. We already have loads of functionality and features in the solution. But we understand that there are other complementary solutions out there that you may want to use as well, so we have complied these into a list for you. If you currently use any of these or would like to see if you could integrate them into let us know, our list of business integrations is expanding each week!


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