Use one dashboard that shows you just what you need to know. The Unsilo.me dashboard reflects the most important information you need to know in realtime from all parts of the platform. Have your finger on the pulse of your business and every aspect of it at all times.

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Unsilo.me allows users to schedule appointments, invite colleagues to meetings, track milestones, and manage time accurately. The calendar function presents itself at an individual, team and project level. This allows for booking, tracking and timeously completing tasks with no overlapping or double booking of resources.

Leave Balance

Leave balance within the Dashboard allows for individuals to track their leave and plan work accordingly. Its transparent between employer and employee. At an Admin level, Unsilo.me allows for the admin user to have easy visibility of real time resource availability to help plan production schedules and workflows.

Sales Tasks

Unsilo.me has integrated the view of specific sales metrics within the dashboard for a continual and transparent holistic overview of the businesses sales which helps track progress against monthly and quarterly goals. These sales metrics are updated in real-time, with an organized and clean overview for all employees to see.

Work Tasks

Unsilo.me has integrated the project management module into a concise overview within the dashboard. This allows users to maintain a level of control over the status of a project, which enables the user to align the remaining requirements needed to deliver tasks timeously. Users can view projects at a individual task to-do-list, a milestone level or an overall project status level.

Real Time Visits

As much as tracking internal processes are important , keeping track of external metrics drives efficiency and aligns departments. Unsilo.me allows for the users to see Google Analytic metrics within the dashboard as a real time indication of how well specific channels and lead generations are performing, thus enhancing more accurate and focused targeting.


Unsilo.me understands the value and importance of dashboards and their function and thus have created the ability for dashboard widgets to be customised and tailored to each organisation’s specific need. Customisable widgets allow for critical data to be presented across the organisation to track necessities, outline importance and encourage growth.