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Every organisation, big or small, has to perform the role of a human resource department which is at the heart of managing employees. HR roles and functions vary, however the core of an HR system, is an employee information database. Unsilo.me has created a comprehensive, integrated HR management system into a holistic platform that provides a single resource for managing labour, sharing information and facilitating compliance with employment laws and regulations.Thus allowing individual users (employees) access to an electronic filing cabinet, to manage and control basic functions and requirements whilst improving overall productivity.

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Unsilo.me have created an HR management system that allows for a streamlined on-boarding process. Each employee profile provides detailed information allowing for business owners to view and track individuals at a high and functional level. Each users profile houses a series of information and relevant specifics pertaining to the individuals job and their requirements. This profile detail is the backbone of the HR function.


Unsilo.me have integrated a leave management function which allows admin users the ability to set individuals (employees) into brackets categorized by labour laws on leave management. This will allow for the system to keep a real time track record on all leave associated with any user.



This function allows for admin users to set up check in’s or status meetings with individuals. This allows for consistency on employee satisfaction as well as performance management. Check ins aid in increasing performance, reducing stagnancy and creating a workforce hungry to succeed.


Unsilo.me have created the ability for individuals to house all relevant documents pertaining to their contract of employment, rights and responsibilities as well any documents they feel fit within their profile. Thus allows for easy access and storage of important documents under one collective.



Unsilo.me has recognised the necessity for important information readily available to users at a click of a button. This feature has been created as a hub of important that a user could access pertaining to all their colleagues and departments within the organisation. This information allows for an increase in productivity and resolution.


Unsilo.me has given the user the ability to utilise this function for any personal or work related notes to be collected and housed in one area. This function also allows for a line manager to personally send notes to an individual in a private capacity with regards to any meeting or feedback for the user.



Unsilo.me incorporated the payslip function into the system as this is a vital role in an HR and finance role. Admin has the ability the upload payslips individually, by team or by company as a whole. These payslips are pre selected and sent to users giving them the ability to store and accumulate payslips as a record of payment and employment.